WiMax launching : Pakistan ahead of USA and Europe!

It’s not every day or even every month that you can get a news item that a South Asian country is ahead of USA and Europe in something. If it is related to the field of technology then surely you would relish it more. So, naturally, the news that Pakistan is ahead of USA and UK in launching WiMax. WiMax is a super-fast wireless technology related to mobile phone and WiFi users. Motorola is providing Wateen Telecom 802.16e WiMAX solution for nationwide network deployment in Pakistan. This will ensure better service for mobile phone users as well broadband internet users.

Pakistan government and private companies are very aggressively pushing for development in the technology sector and that is why Pakistan is going to launch WiMax technology. Well, Motorola bosses have realized the potential market opportunities for WiMax in South Asia and that is why Motorola is joining hands with the Indian government for the setting up of a WiMax development center in Chennai in which Motorola will invest $100 million. I do not know why international tech companies are yet to realize the opportunity of Bangladesh in wireless network. Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world and WiMax will surely help a lot of people here.

Waqas Ahmed


One Response to “WiMax launching : Pakistan ahead of USA and Europe!”

  1. Tee Emm Says:

    The Motorola Wimax project in Pakistan for Wateen is fully vendor financed.

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